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Forensic grade customized collection

During the past two decades, biological evidence has become increasingly important in criminal investigations. DNA evidence can independently and objectively link a suspect and/or victim to a crime, and develop investigative leads.

Crime scene innovative management

Crime scenes or incident sites in correctional centres, including places where persons have been seriously injured or major property damage has occurred, must be secured to preserve forensic evidence.

Most Accurate Lie Detector

Most companies, in countries where it’s legal to administer lie detection tests in the workplace, use EyeDetect for pre-employment screening of job candidates and periodic testing of current employees.

About Us

Our mission is to offer products exactly as your need is, you and your lab procedures, dont have to adopt to the wide varietis of forensic products, we will adopt our products to your needs.

That is our primary mission, you just have to consider which product is closest to your needs, and what are your extra requirements so we can make the final touch and give you the perfect solution.

Unlike many catalog and Internet distributors, we proactively serve you, rather than simply placing orders when you call. Because we do the research and paperwork for you, working with our company means less time wasted on paperwork and more time doing the important work of law enforcement.

Our company was founded in 2010 with primary business in to trading and with primary mission to find and offer the highest quality products for our clients.

Law enforcement agencies are not like the other clients, you are dealing with people’s life, your work will be crucial about someone’s future, your work will be challenged, you have to explain your procedures in front of the courts, so you don’t have the luxury on cutting your expenses by using cheap products!

As a growing company, we provide the same quality of service and constantly keep our research cutting edge to bring the most innovative products to our consumers. Our vision of becoming a first-of-its-kind “law enforcement supply company” on the Balkan is beyond that of merely representing and distributing a product. Our ideals and mission are forging relationships which allow our communities, towns, and cities to be safer places for everyone. It is these relationships and partnerships that will truly establish a new benchmark for our industry.

Our job is to make your job easier with state-of-the-art equipment because we stay informed about the newest technology available in the industry. When law enforcement agencies order their supplies through dozens of different vendors, they have to search through dozens of catalogs and manage dozens of accounts.  RB GSR eliminates those hassles by doing the searching and ordering for you – with no extra fee! We offer thousands of products, so our clients can find everything from fingerprint powders to tactical gear to paper clips, all on one convenient invoice.

We recognize that budgets often limit the products a department can purchase. Our well-established relationships with renowned manufacturers translate to more favorable prices for our customers and allow maximizing budget funds. As a result of our high volume purchasing strategy, the major suppliers offer us deep discounts. And we pass the savings on to you.

Our customers save funds with our comparison shopping service, too. When a product is available from more than one vendor, we present options and let you make the selection that best fits your need and budget. Between our aggregate buying power and strong relationships with multiple manufacturers, our clients get the best quality supplies at competitive prices.

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