benchtop fuming chamber



benchtop fuming chamber
The professionally designed automatic fuming chamber eliminates reliance on do-it-yourself systems that lack user-safety allowances and microprocessor controls needed for repeatable results.

The SceneSafe system controls all functions from start-to-finish, permitting the investigator to initiate an unattended automatic cycle, establish the proper fuming intensity and duration, and to return upon completion to collect results.

Fuming time, humidity and chamber fume evacuation can be user-set to comply with internal department criteria, lab safety protocols or best practices in evidence management.

Tamper resistant compartment – helps maintain the chain of custody.

Multiplex™ filtration system – together with professional design and unique construction features offer personnel protection during use.

Ductless filtration system – requires no connection to an outside exhaust system.

Automatic control system – programs the fuming cycle.

Hanging system – rods and shelves allows proper positioning of items of evidence in the chamber.

F62257 (K5003) – 610mm x 441mm x 610mm

F62226 (K5004) – 762mm x 711mm x 1220mm

F62232 (K5005) – 1219mm x 711mm x 1220mm

​F62258 (K5006) – 1524mm x 711mm x 1220mm

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