Fingerprint Lifting Tape



fingerprint lifting tape
This tape has been a market leader for many years and as such we still have great demand for this product. Due to its low tack high quality adhesive it can lift a mark without aggressively removing the print and destroying the lift. It is easy to tear so you can break the tape without the need for scissors. Tried and tested this is a SOCO favorite.

Available in 25mm & 50mm

Easy tear for ease of use

High quality low tack adhesive

B20606 – J-Lar Fingerprint Tape 25mm x 66m Clear – Pack Size 1 Roll

B20607 – ISA Lifting tape, 50mm x 5m – Pack Size 1 Roll

B20608 – 3M Lifting tape ref: 483 50 mm x 36 Yards – Pack Size 1 Roll

B20610 – J-Lar Fingerprint Tape 50mm x 66m Clear – Pack Size 1 Roll

B20611 – ISA Lifting tape, 50mm x 20m – Pack Size 1 Roll

B20612 – Fingerlift ‘Warrender 804’ 50mm x 100m – Pack Size 1 Roll

B20776 – 3M 8004 Fingerlift clear 48mm x 10yd – Pack Size 1 Roll

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