multi-room fuming chamber



multi-room fuming chamber
The Eco-friendly Choice Advanced carbon filtration technology offers a safe, high performance alternative to ducted cabinets for cyanoacrylate fingerprint development applications.

SceneSafe cyanoacrylate fuming chambers capture cyanoacrylate vapours used in the process to prevent operator exposure and eliminate ecological impact through release into the environment.

SceneSafe chambers are self-contained. Set-up, operation and filter maintenance are straightforward.

Tamper resistant compartment – helps maintain the chain of custody.

Multiplex™ filtration system – together with professional design and unique construction features offer personnel protection during use.

Ductless filtration system – requires no connection to an outside exhaust system.

Automatic control system – programs the fuming cycle.

Hanging system – rods and shelves allows proper positioning of items of evidence in the chamber.

F62237 (K5007) – Triplex 1524mm x 711mm x 2090mm

F62255 (K5008) – Quad 1524mm x 711mm x 2090mm

F62186 (K5009) – 1829mm x 1219mm x 2184mm

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