Pre-Inked Strips


Pre-inked strips
Pre-inked strips are a use once concept which has a preloaded amount of ink applied to a strip. This allows ease of use and avoids the need for separate slab & ink. Ideal for elimination purposes and can be supplied in a kit form provided to the person for self-use and return. This kit form speeds up elimination and frees up time spend by officers allowing the kit to be left for self-use.

B21409-2400 – Pre Inked Strips 1″ x 5″ – Pack of 2400 strips

B21410-400 – Pre Inked Strips 3″ x 10″ – Pack of 400 strips

B21411-800 – Pre Inked Strips 3″ x 5″ – Pack of 800 strips

B21412-200 – Pre Inked Strips 6″ x 10″ – Pack of 200 strips