Scan Tablet


The Scan Tablets are a cost effective solution for imaging surface detail collected at crime scenes using gel lifters and ESLA foils. Using your own standard imaging systems already present in the workplace greatly reduces the need for capital equipment investment and creates a low cost solution to this time consuming task, which delivers excellent results within budget.

High resolution flatbed scanners are used by many AFIS & footwear systems because of their ease of importing images. Scan Tablet allows the marks lifted on the gels or foils to be suspended above the glass scan bed avoiding any disturbance or degradation to the image. Having the ability to capture these lifts using this device provides huge benefits in evidence capture capability.

We can also integrate a fully deployable option which allows for direct capture at a scene to provide a rapid response for the CSI. The Scan Tablets are provided in 3 sizes, each already predetermined by the size of currently manufactured standard gel lift sizing.